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Goodsprings Justice Court

Where is the Goodsprings Justice Court?

The Goodsprings Justice Court is located in Jean, Nevada, east of the I 15 freeway. Jean got its name from Jean Fayle, wife of George Fayle, who built the famous Pioneer Saloon in Goodsprings in 1913.

The Goodsprings Justice Court has jurisdiction in Sloan, Goodsprings, Jean, Sandy Valley, Primm, and the surrounding areas south and west of the state line. The court handles mainly traffic cases, driving under the influence (DUI) cases and criminal cases such as embezzlement crimes from nearby casinos.

Goodsprings Justice Court can hear arraignments (first court appearance to enter a plea), felonies, gross misdemeanors, misdemeanors, temporary protective orders (TPO), juvenile cases, and search warrants. 

Goodsprings Justice Court Contact Information

Contacting the Goodsprings can be difficult. There are only five people working in the Courthouse (and one of them is the judge). The Goodsprings Court has a policy of not returning phone calls.

If you would like to access your Goodsprings case online, click here.  

NOTE: f your Goodsprings Traffic Ticket starts with an "H" (Nevada Highway Patrol citation), it can take up to two months for your ticket to appear in the Goodsprings system.

The Goodsprings Justice Court is located at:

23120 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Jean, Nevada 89019

The Mailing Address is: P.O. Box 19155, Jean, Nevada 89019

The Email Address is:

The Phone Number is: 702-874-1405

The Fax Number is: 702-874-1612

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1100 South Tenth Street | Las Vegas Nevada 89104

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