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Goodsprings Justice CourtIn between California and Las Vegas is the town of Jean, Nevada, under the jurisdiction of Goodsprings Justice Court.

The actual town of Goodsprings is seven miles west of Jean, Nevada, located off US Highway 15. Goodsprings gets its namesake from Joseph Good, an early prospector who, in 1861, discovered silver in Goodsprings. His cattle drank from nearby springs and the town became known as “Good’s Springs”

In the early 1900s the town of Goodsprings was a mining town, and much lead, zinc, and platinum were produced there. Lesser amounts of gold, silver, copper, molybdenum, vanadium, nickel, cobalt, mercury, palladium, antimony, manganese, iridium, and uranium were also recovered in mines in Goodsprings.  

At one time, Goodsprings had seven saloons. Only the famous Pioneer Saloon still stands and is considered to be the oldest operating saloon in Southern Nevada.

Goodsprings is considered to be a quasi-ghost town. It currently has a population of over 200.

More About Goodsprings Justice Court

Even though the town of Goodsprings has a long history, most people only know the justice court that bears its name. This is because if you are traveling from California to Las Vegas and you happen to receive a traffic ticket or are charged with a crime, you must report to the Goodsprings Justice Court.

If you have been given a traffic or speeding ticket in the jurisdiction of Goodsprings Justice Court, call Attorney Bret Whipple today for a fair resolution on your citation. Additionally, if you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime in Goodsprings or the surrounding areas, call Goodsprings Attorney Bret Whipple today.    

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